Upcoming celebration of International Women’s Day


It’s that time again. International Women’s Day (does everyone else find that apostrophe problematic?) is almost upon us and it’s sad to think we still need it.

Here in the well-fed and relatively secure West, there are still problems and parity (equality in pay) is one of them, hence this year’s theme.

However the annual International Women’s Day Exhibition here in Wollongong is hardly laserbeam focussed on the 2016 theme. It is more of a celebration of creative endeavour. There is always a great variety of work shown by women from a broad spectrum of ages and stages.

International Women’s Day Exhibition

March 2-20

Project Contemporary Artspace

255 Keira Street Wollongong

Opening Event Friday 4 March @ 6pm

To be opened by Jenny Briscoe-Hough

Live performances TBA