Lovely to be exhibiting at Clifton School of Arts in the summer time. It’s a fabulous venue, with that sparkling ocean view from all windows. This weekend there are cut-throat prices on everything. I’m showing with Lara Seresin, Mary Wingrave, Judy Bourke, Gillian Day, Alannah Dreise, Julie Donnelly, Sue Smalkowski, Mel Ritchie, Arja Välimäki and Jennifer Jackson.

We’ve taken spaces and set them up as little booths, just like the Sydney Art Fair. So it’s busy – a true feast for the senses. Come on down!

IAVA Art Sale

Clifton School of Arts (immediately south of Seacliff Bridge, Clifton)

Fri 6 Dec / Sat 7 Dec / Sun 8 Dec

10am till 4pm

Drinks with the artists 2pm on Saturday 7 Dec.