Attended the Blacktown Art Prize opening last night.  The Arts Centre at Blacktown is a good-looking, well-lit  and accessible venue  and hosts a varied and dynamic program throughout the year.

These days the Art Prize exhibition has a high profile attracts people from all over the state. There was some cracking art there last night, and I was very pleased to have our collaborative piece hung this year. (See the piece here.)

Personal favourites included Gary Foye (one of his pieces heads this entry.)  His palette and texture is satisfying to view. ..I could live with one of his works. (More on the talented Mr Foye here.)

Liz Shreeve is another consistent performer. Her hard-edged abstract pieces appear to breathe colour… always quietly arresting.














I also enjoyed Vrej Matossian’s sculpture, Retiarius. Had to google that one…a retiarius was an ancient Greek fighter, who uses a weighted net to fight with.

Ok so the sculpture looked like a guy in a boat, and the net below him really reminded me not of a net, but of the depth and movement of the sea beneath him. There is precious little online about this interesting sculptor, and no image of his beautiful piece.

As always it is an honour to be  hung with such great artists.