Went to the Tom Carment exhibition at Damien Minton Gallery last night.

Angel, Waverley Cemetery











This guy is great.  His works have a certain humility about them. Part of that is the small scale, and the quotidian nature of his subject matter – places around Sydney.


Also, the fact that they are all created en plein aire means they generally have  a lightness of touch and an unfussy presentation. I don’t know if he works on the pieces later in the studio or not, but either way they are in no way overworked.

Generally I thought the watercolours work better than the oils, although there were some terrific oils as well (see the Angel, above.) He often uses pen and ink with the watercolour works and I do think the added structure helps…such as the image below:

Detail of picnickers at Neilsen Park triptych









Not all his pieces were great,  mind you…I thought some lacked a necessary ‘bass  note’ of dark tones. Overall though, I was inspired by his faithful observation. Thanks Tom.