With the Fruits at Gallery Red

Last night I attended the opening night of my latest show Fruits of Uncertainty at Gallery Red, Glebe.  The show also features my besties  Martin Ison, Susan Dalziel, Tom Gillan and Tracy Johnston.




 Installation shot of my pieces.

I”ve been doing this for 14 years, which I guess is adding up, but I still freak out before a show. I know I’m not alone there, although I certainly feel like I am at the time. Terrors about no-one showing up, and then those that do finding my work to be total crap, are the general visions crowding my head. Sigh. Of course that’s not what happened. People were positive and there were many kind comments. The curation of the show, courtesy of Liz McCrystal of Gallery Red, was thoughtful and lyrical.


Installation shot of Tracy Johnston’s lucious triptych, ‘Rain-goose.’

Next thing will be the Artists’ Talk event, on Saturday May 17 @ 2pm. We’ll all be cool as cucumbers, pretending we can talk eloquently about our process. Haha! We’ll see about that.


Installation shot of Martin Ison’s pieces – an absurdist blend of Ancient Egypt meets contemporary Surf Culture.