Quiet genius at Janet Clayton Gallery

I visited the James Blackwell exhibition The Native Grid this week. I’d never heard of James before, but the invite looked – well, inviting.  The show was wonderful.













James Blackwell, Native Grid 0612.1, mixed media, image 44 x 44cm


The artist uses natural organic matter – seed pods, thorns, bits of flora – to create assemblages, held in place by paper or clear plastic pillars.  They are held  proud of the paper surface. They are organised into grid formations, or else a field. Shadows resulting from these  intricate constructions are cast onto the paper.

There was also a lovely field created solely by tear-shaped paper pieces, glued separately onto the paper.










James Blackwell, My Sistine (thanks Mouse), detail.


I was so engaged by the marvellous attention to detail the work reflected. They were complex, totally away from representation of any sort. They were a quiet thought.













James Blackwell, Silent 0612.1, (detail).