Vale the Bad Boy of Art

Farewell, Adam Cullen. I’m so sorry to see you go; way too early.

From what I understand Cullen was troubled by illness both physical and mental, and his habits probably didn’t help him. Despite all this, he produced some great art. It was always sassy; unapologetic. I loved his colour choices which at times screamed ‘look at MOI!’ To me, he had a real mastery. The Archibald Trustees obviously thought so too; he was in the Archibald nine times and won it with David Wenham’s portrait in 2000. This year’s entry was pretty good, too.











Adam Cullen, Charles Waterstreet, 2011. (The real-life barrister who served as inspiration for the ABC series Rake.)












Adam Cullen, Nelson and Koko, 2012. This year’s ¬†Archibald final entry. The maker of Red Dog, along with its canine star.