Mosman Art Prize – where the big kids play.

One of these days, dammit, I’ll get hung in the Mosman Art Prize. Until that day, I must be content to go to the Opening Night, pay my fifteen bucks for next to no food, a drink, and a huge crowd that really makes it hard to see anything.  Despite these hardships I can’t stay away, as it’s a big buzz and, it’s an inspiration to applaud the winner (actually, ALL the finalists, of course) and be part of the night.   This year saw some wonderful work selected again.

David Fairbairn took away the $30,000 prize with a predictably excellent work.











David Fairbairn, Seated figure of JB with orange background.

Unfortunately, despite admiring his work and regarding it as a well-deserved win, I tend to feel like too much of Fairbairn’s work is the same. Perhaps I could be accused of the same thing. I know we all wrestle with perennial themes, sometimes despite ourselves…but there it is. It must be said.


Far more interesting to me was the work of Ken Done (yes, and I make no apology for that), Brigiat Maltese and  the wonderful Mostyn Bramley-Moore, who yet again managed to produce a work so very restricted in palette, and yet fascinating.









A snippet of Brigiat Maltese’s work Who shall say where? She does wonderful pen and watercolour drawings (sorry Brigiat, they’re much more drawings than paintings to me!) and uses artists’ books that concertina out  to show us a wide, panoramic view.  Brigiat tells me she had been working with ideas of resurrection, then got involved with  Edgar Allan Poe’s Poem The Raven. Brigiat’s blog here. Wonderful, wonderful work.













Mostyn Bramley-Moore,  Eenie Creek and Sugar Road. My choice for the Prize.