Multiple worlds of steam-punk and existentialism.

I was seriously transported on Friday night. I caught the last day of Anita Larkin’s fine solo show at Defiance Gallery Newtown, Improbable Objects. Larkin is an award-winning Illawarra sculptor and felt maker whose work is immaculately crafted, with   a  steam-punk feel.  The crazy, impossible objects she creates are part found-objects and part felt, put together beautifully. They compel you to suspect another world somewhere…just out of view.











Apparatus for the repatriation of tears, 2011


Then around the corner at Gallery Red was the opening night of Stephen Hall’s Kedumba Musings. Hall has an anxious, embattled and sometimes joyous alter ego, Merry-Andrew the Limner, who populates the works  along with his faithful horse. Wavering lines make up these figures,  conveying the illusion of an uncertain grasp on  what are in fact masterful descriptions. The ground and landscape are densely woven ink marks.  As you look more closely, tiny figures emerge. Andrew and his horse are vast in relation to these earth-people. Also on display is Hall’s Dobell Drawing Prize piece from last year, a  fabulous work which reminds me of El Greco.











Stephen Hall, The eternal battle, finalist in last year’s Dobell Drawing Prize at AGNSW.