Local:Current show at Wollongong City Gallery

We are surrounded by magnificent creative genius of all kinds.   Every time I get frustrated or fed -up that an artwork is not going well, I look around at the effort and love and care other people are putting in, and the wondrous creations they have produced. I feel both humbled and inspired then.


Poncho Army, Good luck, screen print, spray paint and mixed media.

This week we went in to check the latest Local: Current exhibition at the Wollongong City Gallery. There was a floor talk by Curator Louise Brand, and several of the artists were in attendance to speak about their work .  This is the third show in the series, designed to expose artists who have not had the chance to show at the City Gallery in the past, but who are producing art now which is of interest.

Jasmin Carter had a multi-panelled, deeply person piece using a variety of media, which was formally very arresting.  Jack Cochran’s under -water photographs are luscious and stunningly rich. They do remind me of Andre Serrano’s work in their materiality.


Louise tells us that such has been the response to the series, they’ve decided to continue with the annual event.  (Suits me, maybe one day I’ll be included! You never know.)