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Mellow in the Yellow House

This month I attended my first Residency, at South Hill Yellow House, Goulburn.

The area around Goulburn is a scenic one,  with a history of sheep grazing. It also has a fearsome reputation for extremes of weather; I think I lucked on possibly the best two weeks of the year in that sense.

Structures for a hot climate


Structures for a hot climate, acrylic & collage on canvas, 30 x 40cm


Astoundingly, despite being all over the place emotionally (my darling daughter just having moved overseas to live) I did complete some work, such as this one, above. Once upon a time the artist studio area would have been a stables, and was high celinged and made from old timbers which added a certain ambience. It also had a woodstove, which no doubt is necessary for many weeks of the year.











Studio view


If you’re confused when looking for this Residency online, that may be because the business model has changed. I was the final Artist Resident as such (it’s been going for less than a year.) The owners, Linda and Roland Gumbert, will be going back to some form of more general rental of the comfortable accommodation on offer. This only opens it out, so is a good thing I guess. Effectively you can rent out the space and there are facilities to work on your art. Perfect. There is also a Ceramic Studio on site which is currently used by local folk.


Fat lady singing











Fat lady singing, acrylic on canvas, 40 x 25cm


I don’t tend to take holidays…so it was  great to just get away from my normal routine and go 2 hours up the hill. One can easily get in holiday mode – you don’t have to travel far, just off your own beaten track. I did feel a certain imperative to ‘perform’ – not imposed by my hosts, but rather my own idea of what I should be doing. One would have to be careful of this. Paintings don’t become manifest just because you ‘have to’ produce them at a certain time. In fact in my experience the opposite tends to be true. They won’t be forced.

However I was doing yoga every day which always, always helps me to be present and go with the flow. It was this, I feel sure, that helped to make the stay a productive one in terms of work achieved.




Yellow House 1, acrylic and collage on board, 90 x 122cm


Well worth the $500 cost for the fortnight, with 3 works complete and a few others progressed. I will continue to apply for other Residencies and feel like I’m in a better position now to make the most of any future opportunities in that regard.












Andrew the peacock would walk into the studio and look around…it was lovely to have him there. Everyone’s a critic though…