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The beauty of Antarctica at Drill Hall Gallery, ANU

We visited the wonderful Drill Hall Gallery at ANU this week to see their new show, Antarctica. It was a response to Antarctica by diverse ¬†artists, whose work was produced over a span of decades. Sydney Nolan’s work from the 1960s sat cheek by ¬†jowl with the contemporary work of Britain’s Phillip Hughes.

Jorg Schmeisser though, really caught my eye. I had never heard of him, but this artist has a huge international profile and was in fact the head of Printmaking at ANU for some 20 years.


Jorg Schmeisser, I am leaving, watercolour and gouache, 2002, 28 x 38cm


Jorg Schmeisser, I cannot read you II, watercolour and gouache, 2001, 27 x 47cm

There was also a large sprawling series of prints by Bea Maddock, encorporating text. Nolan’s work, on loan from AGNSW, really held it’s own though.

Sydney Nolan, Mt Erebus, 1964, oil on board, 122 x 123cm

Jenny Sages for Prime Minister

….or next year’s Archibald Prize Winner, anyway. It’s time.

I made the pilgrimage to the Archibald this week with friends, on Wednesday evening. I love the vibe in the evening; it adds an extra sparkle for some reason.

Plenty of sparkle in the show in any case; or at least good old fashioned draftsmanship and technique – witness Paul Newton’s Portrait of David Gonski AC. Understated; never overly worked…no fuss. Beautiful.

Paul Newton, Portrait of David Gonski AC.


It’s Sages though, who stole the show with her poignant self portrait, After Jack. No background, just an honest Rembrandtian self-examination, showing both her mortality and her courage.

Jenny Sages, After Jack.