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The ephemeral nature of cut paper

Attended a wonderful show at NG Gallery last night : Here today, gone tomorrow: life’s fragile nature. Nicky Ginsberg did apologise for the length of the title. No problem…the show is a stunner, so all is forgiven.

Hina  Aoyama, Hand cut paper (detail)

There were some immaculate and minutely delicate works on show from all over the world. My personal favourites were by Canadian artist and designer Colin Schleeh, whose work in the show comprised simple large shapes created from multiple layers of folded and cut paper. One piece had  several ‘tails’ of paper gently floating in response to a fan in the room. Exquisite. More on the amazing Schleeh here.


Chen Hangfen, Logomania Dragon


Jackie Cavallaro, ‘Beauty was born before reason’. Work of this nature by Jackie was in the show; her piece was intricate and fascinating, as always. Well worth a visit, this one.