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Local:Current show at Wollongong City Gallery

We are surrounded by magnificent creative genius of all kinds.   Every time I get frustrated or fed -up that an artwork is not going well, I look around at the effort and love and care other people are putting in, and the wondrous creations they have produced. I feel both humbled and inspired then.


Poncho Army, Good luck, screen print, spray paint and mixed media.

This week we went in to check the latest Local: Current exhibition at the Wollongong City Gallery. There was a floor talk by Curator Louise Brand, and several of the artists were in attendance to speak about their work .  This is the third show in the series, designed to expose artists who have not had the chance to show at the City Gallery in the past, but who are producing art now which is of interest.

Jasmin Carter had a multi-panelled, deeply person piece using a variety of media, which was formally very arresting.  Jack Cochran’s under -water photographs are luscious and stunningly rich. They do remind me of Andre Serrano’s work in their materiality.


Louise tells us that such has been the response to the series, they’ve decided to continue with the annual event.  (Suits me, maybe one day I’ll be included! You never know.)




Banyule Works on Paper a good read

Visited the Banyule Award for Works on Paper yesterday, whilst in the Arts Capital of our great Nation. It was hanging in the recently spruced- up Banyule Arts Space in Ivanhoe, a magnifent art-deco style building, wheelchair accessible and shining.

The show itself offers a modest purse of $4000, but  it was stunning. It was every bit as satisfying to look at as the Hazelhurst Award from earlier this year, (which now seems a little bloated in comparison.) There were many familiar faces there – Suzanne Archer; Angela Cavalieri; Tony Ameneiro. It was great to finally see a work by Jazmina Cininas in the flesh:

Jazmina Cininas: Christina sleeps on both sides of Grandma’s bed, reduction linocut, 2010

James Turrell’s elemental beauty at National Gallery Australia

I have never seen James Turrell’s beautiful installation, Within without, until last weekend when I was  catching the very last day of the monumental Fred Williams show. Turns out it’s been there a while!


In this segment from Art Nation, Fenella talks to Turrell and takes us on a tour of this magnificent, simple and moving installation. The ideal time to visit is Dawn or Dusk, when the light changes would make it a totally magical space. I saw it in the middle of a sunny day and it was stunning just at that time. If you haven’t seen it, seek it out next time you’re down in Canberra. Meanwhile you can see the segment here:

Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2011

Went up to Campbelltown Arts Centre to see the annual Art Award.  Jeanette Siebols always impresses, and she is one who easily could have walked away with the sizeable prize. Her piece Fossils III showed beautifully active brushwork and a muted, nuanced palette.












Jeanette Siebols, Fossils III

Really enjoyed Peter Hewitt’s piece  It’s dark as bruddah but can only show you a thumbnail of this commanding, multi-layered work  …

Look at Peter’s site for a real treat.


If I had the disposable income,  my eye would be on purchasing something by Corrigan Fairbairn, son of Suzanne Archer. This young man’s sculpture  is really impressive and I now know he’s a great painter also. I loved his piece, From the Barn, Maffra, a mixed media work on paper. What an interesting piece. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Corrigan Fairbairn, From the barn, Maffra