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Margaret Olley leaves us

Two of the Old Guard in a week! The Divine Miss Olley has finally passed away. Another inspirational figure,  not only for her work ethic and beautiful work but also for her philanthropic generosity to the people of NSW.

An article about Margaret , along with links to some of the Galleries she was associated with, is here. This morning’s Sydney Morning Herald piece, showing one panel of her great final work, a sweeping vista of Sydney Harbour, here.










Cornflowers with Pomegranates 1991










The AGNSW has 15 of Olley’s paintings, you can see them here.

Vale Lucian Freud…..

A wonderful artist, and a great inspiration.  ABC article on Freud here.

Part 1 of Jake Auerbach’s documentary on Freud.


Lucian Freud, Reflection 1985





Reflection, 1985

Hazelhurst Art on Paper – always worth a look

Last week we checked out this  biennial show.  As usual it’s a great exhibition, lots of variety and some really well done works. Because of the large prize purse, it attracts participants from all over the country. I wasn’t wild about Liam Benson’s winning piece, below:


Liam Benson: A Christian Country









More about Liam here.

But then I’m a sucker for something more formally satisfying…for instance, the work by local Joe Bezzina.