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Upcoming retrospective : Iain Whittaker

A solo show by my friend Iain Whittaker is opening at Wollongong City Gallery on June 17…and its going to be an absolute knockout. It will show Iain’s work from the past 17 years or so.

Psychopomp, oil on canvas










His work is basically surrealist, with an immaculate technical finish. Some more images and a blurb by Iain here.

Details of the upcoming show at Wollongong Gallery here.

Keep on rockin, Keith

Just finished Keith Richards’ autobiography, Life.










I’m not a hard-core Stones fan – not by a long shot. Their longevity though, is something of a marvel and Goddess knows there have been plenty of hits.  Many of us have grown up to their songs;  so I was keen to get my hands on this book.

It’s a fat book, but I couldn’t put it down. It’s conversational, and fast-paced. It doesn’t gloss over the drug years (or decades) but  it doesn’t make them the focus, either.

Mostly, I found his approach to his music really inspiring. He very much lets the song come into creation through himself, rather than dictating to the song how it should be.  I felt a real resonance with this. Worth a read.

Find out more about Keith  Richards here. Rock on, Keith.

Spending time with Peter Sharp, abstract artist

Very excited ! I’ve booked myself in for a weekend workshop with abstract artist Peter Sharp.

Peter Sharp, 'Handle', 2009, oil and acrylic on canvas













The workshop is  “Observation to Abstraction”, a 2-day event at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre, Gymea.

Apparently Day 1 is spent doing observational drawings in the lovely Hazehurst Gardens, then Day 2 is spent in the studio creating abstract paintings based in some part on the drawings we’ve done. This is a different approach to what I usually pursue myself. I basically pull paintings out of my arse. That is to say, my work bears no resemblance to any pictorial element living or dead.

So, I’m figuring this workshop will gently push me out of my comfort zone, whilst allowing me some time with an artist whose work I really admire. He, like many other artists I admire, is represented by Liverpool Street Gallery. Funny how that Gallery keeps showing great artists…maybe when I grow up, I can be with them?