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The creative


Choose your own path, 2018

mixed media on A5 paper


It took a long time before I realised that one must answer the call to create. Not just when I felt like it. Not just when I felt inspired or had time. There is a respect that must be paid to …well…whomever or whatever you  call it. That divine wellspring. The origin.  This is a poem about that.


The creative 

This  the demand:

 …your ‘yes’ must be oceanic. Wide, glad-hearted. Dark

is OK: troubled, turbulent, all that, just keep on. The shoreline

shows up only at your final depletion…


Her skin is hot, her arms  a drawstring strained

around kids, lover, home.


Here’s her mouth loosening. A howl, a torrent

down her cheeks as out she wades.


Oh brave and brave, knowing herself

insufficient, yet strangely perfect for the job.


(for A.C.)

Vale Robert Hughes…

Too many losses over the past little while.








Farewell Bob, thanks for your inspiring, vivid prose and your keen passion.

Malcolm Turnbull delivers a beautiful eulogy in Parliament here:

Vale the Bad Boy of Art

Farewell, Adam Cullen. I’m so sorry to see you go; way too early.

From what I understand Cullen was troubled by illness both physical and mental, and his habits probably didn’t help him. Despite all this, he produced some great art. It was always sassy; unapologetic. I loved his colour choices which at times screamed ‘look at MOI!’ To me, he had a real mastery. The Archibald Trustees obviously thought so too; he was in the Archibald nine times and won it with David Wenham’s portrait in 2000. This year’s entry was pretty good, too.











Adam Cullen, Charles Waterstreet, 2011. (The real-life barrister who served as inspiration for the ABC series Rake.)












Adam Cullen, Nelson and Koko, 2012. This year’s  Archibald final entry. The maker of Red Dog, along with its canine star.


Vale Lucian Freud…..

A wonderful artist, and a great inspiration.  ABC article on Freud here.

Part 1 of Jake Auerbach’s documentary on Freud.


Lucian Freud, Reflection 1985





Reflection, 1985

…and we all need inspiration sometimes.

Caught a lovely interview on the ABC  with  Australian artist Guy Warren.  Still working at  90 years of age ! Thanks Guy…you’ve inspired me to keep going.  Guy Warren talking with Scott Bevan on ABC TV

Guy has a solo exhibition of watercolours coming up in May at Rex Irwin Art Dealer in Woollahra.