The gals have it: Portia Geach 2012

I visited the SH Ervin Gallery this week to see the Portia Geach Memorial Awards. This is an annual Portraiture Exhibition  for women artists, focussed on painting.

There is generally  a good smattering of self-portraits in the mix. I suspect most of us are pleased with  that, for the psychological insight it affords. Sophie Cape’s Highly Commended piece Stormfront was pretty dramatic, and was a good follow-up to her powerful portrayal of Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson  (Master and Commander) from last year, which was also Highly Commended (and which I prefer.)












Stormfront (Self-portrait), charcoal, acrylic, ink, blood, soil, bone, 232 x 190cm, 2012










From last year….Master and Commander (Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd founder), 2011


Sophie’s mother Ann Cape also had a lovely work submitted.  A portrait of NAS Professor Anita Taylor, it’s economical, with wonderfully strong diagonals.










Ann Cape, Anita (Professor Anita Taylor)


My personal favourite was Kerry McInnis’ piece of Mike le Grand, sculptor. I so admire Kerry’s masterful observation, which never seems to look forced or laboured….and check out the lyricism she’s managed to introduce into the way he’s positioned his feet. She’s a magician, I tell you…












Kerry McInnis, Mike le Grand.