Energy, structure and experience at Danks Street

Went with a buddy to Stella Downer Gallery today to see the new solo show by Paul Higgs. It’s been interesting to see Paul’s work over the past decade or so… he has always impressed me with his energy and his passion for his craft.










Rigging, 103 x 108.5cm, 2011


Now, however I’m enjoying his work at a new level, thanks to a developing coherence, and some lovely quiet areas amongst the tumult and intensity of colour and collage layers. I can perceive the underlying structure much more clearly now and I believe his works are the better for it.










Trojan, 106 x 127cm, 2011


We also checked out the newly relocated Wilson Street Gallery (formerly at Newtown, now at the Danks St complex.) Currently showing is a solo show by Wendy Stavrianos. This powerful  figurative artist, based in Victoria, has been around for some decades and has a sense of mastery and strength. There were some thought provoking, complex pieces though I must admit I have enjoyed some of her earlier work more readily. There was a real mood created by these atmospheric works though.

Shaft is a mighty work, all the better for its restricted palette in a room full of  intense, rich colouration.






Shaft, oil on canvas, 187 x 420cm.