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Upcoming exhibition at Port Kembla



YAY! We do love a show.

Liz Trujillo and myself are looking forward very much to showing together at Red Point Gallery. It’s a neat little (accessible) space and the Red Point Artists  are a dynamic group who run courses, workshops and exhibitions regularly. There is a courtyard full of artists’ studios adjacent to the Gallery space. Come on down!


…finding a way through…

Exhibition by Liz Trujillo & Moira Kirkwood

Red Point Gallery

100 Wentworth Street Port Kembla

8-10 April, 10am till 4pm

Opening Saturday 9 April @ 2pm  by artist Richard Claremont.

Refreshments Provided. All welcome.





Upcoming celebration of International Women’s Day


It’s that time again. International Women’s Day (does everyone else find that apostrophe problematic?) is almost upon us and it’s sad to think we still need it.

Here in the well-fed and relatively secure West, there are still problems and parity (equality in pay) is one of them, hence this year’s theme.

However the annual International Women’s Day Exhibition here in Wollongong is hardly laserbeam focussed on the 2016 theme. It is more of a celebration of creative endeavour. There is always a great variety of work shown by women from a broad spectrum of ages and stages.

International Women’s Day Exhibition

March 2-20

Project Contemporary Artspace

255 Keira Street Wollongong

Opening Event Friday 4 March @ 6pm

To be opened by Jenny Briscoe-Hough

Live performances TBA


In this liminal, pre-exhibition week, it’s births and deaths

It’s a strange, strange space you’re in, working up to the installation of a show. I’ve been doing it for 15 years now and it seems I’ll never get used to it.

I guess I am better than I used to be, but there is a disruption in the pit of my stomach and everything is amplified along my nerve pathways.


Industrial scape with pink stacks

Industrial scape with pink stacks, 2015, mixed media on paper, 80 x 90 cm, AUD $600 framed


What precisely am I anxious about?

It’s a cliche among art folk that it’s because you’re putting  a piece of your soul out there for the world to shrug at.  I’m not so sure. Isn’t it more about the exposure of your decisions; your judgements? You’re only exhibiting the work you consider fully resolved, i.e. finished. Will your audience agree?

I look at art all the time and it’s a constant judgement thing. It’s not that you judge the artist personally, but you are considering the decisions they’ve made about colour, values, composition. Those who are interested enough will be doing the same to me. In some weird way I want that; but at the same time I’m horrified by the thought.



In the green night, 2016, 15 x 28cm, mixed media on paper, AUD $190

In this week of the great loss of David Bowie, I just need to proceed, in his honour if I can’t manage anything else. What a shining example of unapologetic originality. Thanks David… I’ll be imagining you’re coming along to the show. That would be great.






SIDE BY SIDE II – new works by Martin Ison & Moira Kirkwood





It’s taken 5 years, but at last the two of us are exhibiting again to show our contemporary art pieces. We’re getting excited about it now…there’s nothing like having a body of work up on the wall to see, all together. It provides a different perspective  that way.

There will be no Opening Event as such but we’ll be making (leaf) tea and (plunger) coffee along with sweet treats during the whole 5 days of the show. Drop in and say hi!


The divine order

The divine order, 2015, fineliner pen on paper, 39 x 27cm, AUD $300 framed

Martin’s work couldn’t be more different from mine in approach, generally comprising beautifully observed  figures drawn with fineliner permanent markers. He will be showing some delightful nudes as well as new works in his ongoing ‘Renaissance Rip-offs’ series. These are works not necessarily from the Renaissance at all, but well known and recognised masterworks from any century which are appropriated for his own fell purposes.


Structures for a hot climate

Structures for a hot climate, 2014, acrylic & collage on canvas, AUD $400 framed

By contrast, my pieces are intuitive and quasi-figurative. They often seem to contain structures of some kind and are frequently reminiscent of some sort of city or a map of a place. They suggest rather than describe.


“Thread”: upcoming group show at The Depot Gallery, Danks St Waterloo



We’ve been looking forward to this all year ! Finally it’s arrived…we bump in tomorrow.

Danks Street is a lovely complex: wheelchair accessible and always with something good to see. Myself along with friends Pamela King, Gail Wistow, Liz Trujillo, Julie Brockenshire and Anne-Marie Hayes have been hard at it and I reckon the result will be worth checking out.

THREAD….6 artists from out of town

The Depot Gallery, 2 Danks Street Waterloo

Opening Event Saturday Dec 5 @ 3pm

To be opened by Auguste Blackman. Refreshments provided; all welcome.

Show runs Dec 1 – 12. Gallery hours Tues – Sat 11 till 6pm


TRILOGY: Advanced Diploma Visual Arts Grad Show


This year, there are only three people graduating from the Advanced Diploma class at West Wollongong TAFE. It’s a sign of the times, with a single year at TAFE now costing more than a Bachelor Degree at Uni. Yes, you read that correctly. Not only that, but there is no sculpture, printmaking or photography offered.

It’s a sad state of affairs and I reckon there is money being made by someone, somewhere.

Despite all that, there has been some truly interesting work created by our three Graduates and I’m proud to be associated with the show.


Advanced Diploma Visual Arts Graduation Show

Project Contemporary Artspace

255 Keira St Wollongong

Opening Event: Fri 27 Nov @ 6.30pm, to be opened by Nik Uzunovski.

Free entry, refreshments provided.


Show runs Wed Nov 25 – Sun Dec 6

Wed-Sun 10 till 4pm


50::50 – the Catalogue show

50::50 invite

We are here!

50::50 – the Catalogue Show is  the annual showcase event for Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts held  at Project Contemporary Artspace Wollongong.

It’s an opportunity for new Members (including yours truly) to make their debut as IAVA Members, as well as featuring new work by existing Members.

This year the format of the show has been restricted to 50 x 50  or 50 x 50 x 50cm and  will be presented alphabetically. This format references a catalogue or Yearbook.

Opening Event: Friday 13 November  @ 7pm

Opening Speaker: Stephen Nall 

Live music  from master violinist Trent Taylor.

ARTISTS’ TALK – hear several of the IAVA artists discuss their work. All welcome. Sat 14 Nov @ 2pm

Show runs Wed Nov 11 till Sun Nov 22

Project is at 255 Keira St Wollongong

Open Wed-sun 10am – 4pm

I’m submitting this little number…



City Structures IV, 2015, 50 x 50cm acrylic on canvas, AUD $500 unframed

Art, craft, music and hopefully, money……

Scarborough Art Show happens again this weekend. It’s the annual fundraiser for Scarborough Public School, and always runs  like a well-oiled machine thanks to a dedicated band of Parents & Friends. It’s great to be part of it something so worthwhile…


I thought I’d submit a trio of paintings:

Landscape with blue elements III, 2014, acrylic & collage on canvas, 39 x 30cm


Landscape with blue elements II

Landscape with blue elements II, 2014, acrylic & collage on canvas, 38 x 30cm



Landscape with blue elements, 2014, acrylic & collage on canvas, 40 x 40cm,








Out of the Illawarra @ NSW Parliament House

Great excitement! I’m participating in a big group show ‘ Out of the Illawarra’, featuring 30 artists from IAVA (Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts.) We’ve stormed the barricades and created an oasis of beauty in the Fountain Court Foyer of NSW Parliament House, Macquarie Street Sydney. It’s 1 single minute’s walk from Martin Place Station, opening this Thursday. Come on down!



There’s gonna be a hangin’…..doing the biz at the Thirroul Seaside Festival Art Prize

For a second year I’ve had the happy task of curating the main Art Prize Exhibition at the ever-popular Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival. This community event is a fundraiser for the Lions Club with profits going to various charities. A worthwhile endeavour then, and it attracts thousands of punters.

The Art Prize has been going for about 25 years, and typically showcases work across the whole spectrum of styles and skill levels.

There are just short of 200 works on show ( not counting the separate ‘Miniatures’ show, which is a wonderful enclave of works measuring 10 x 10cm.) That’s a helluva lot of seascapes, and I have to admit that  traditional approaches to this subject are  not especially attractive to me.

However, amongst some ordinary pieces are some really worth checking out. Christine Hill is an Illawarra artist of considerable standing whose works often attract sales and awards.




Christine Hill, Sky blue, 2014, oil on canvas, 70 x 60cm.


Sue Smalkowski won this year’s overall prize, a great choice by the judges I thought. Sue’s work have a quiet presence and reward continued looking.

Probably my favourite piece would have been Mary Wingrave’s encaustic work, below.  Showing the influence of the American Jasper Johns, and a lovely mastery of composition there. She knows where your eye will linger. I love Mary’s work, she’s very consistent.


WINGRAVE, MARY_Aries-Indicator of the reborn sun-Amon-Ra

Mary Wingrave, Aries-Indicator of the reborn sun-Amon-Ra, 2015, encaustic on board.